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Why use the name Doris?

Well, why not? You've got to be called something, right?

Marketing Doris Helen StottOk, so that's the easy answer. But there's a logic behind it, too.

It's a nickname a friend gave me many years ago, but as well as that, it was the first name of a grandmother I knew better as Nana.

She wasn't in marketing, and if she was still around, I'm not quite sure what she would have made of Twitter. But she loved conversation and she knew how to make herself heard, which in a way is what we're all trying to do in business.

And one other thing: if I'm going to offer high quality marketing to clients, then it makes sense to practice what I preach.

Which is another reason for the name. Almost everyone I meet wants to know why I chose it, so it's a great way to get conversation going. In marketing, getting someone to listen to you is half the battle, and with Doris on my team, she does the hard work and breaks the ice for me.

So no, I'm not Doris, but I couldn't have got to where I am today without her.




HaytonHeyes Limited
Kim Hayton, Director
"Helen has worked for us for a number of years as our marketing resource. She takes responsibility for our Company website and its content, updating it regularly and linking up with clients for testimonials."
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