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Marketing Review

Are you wasting your marketing budget?

This is a serious question, and the most obvious way to find out the answer is with a little bit of maths.

Firstly, look at what you're spending.

How much are those local newspaper adverts and Yellow Pages listings costing you? How much money are you putting into sales calls without checking that your database is accurate? How much does that industry exhibition you always attend cost you?

Got a total figure?

Now compare that to the amount of money all that activity is bringing in. Can you genuinely say it's been worth it?

If your numbers don't add up, then it's time for something new.

At Marketing Doris, we know that it's not always those who spend the most money that make the most money. It's those who spend it wisely.

So if you want marketing that's worth every penny, get in touch

We can review your entire marketing plan and make sure that whatever your budget, you're getting excellent value for money.


Cygnet Group
Matthew Kimpton-Smith, Group Managing Director
"By January 2013 our Sales and Marketing functions had been ‘lumped together’ without any real distinction between the two disciplines, and without any specific marketing expertise within the business."
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