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    • Upcycle & Repurpose

      Recently I was approached by a company that had a website. So, what I hear you say? After all, there aren’t many businesses now that don’t have some form of online presence. They had lived with this more

    • The Whole (re-usable) Package

      Marketing encompasses so much more than the branding, the website, brochures, signage, promotional pens, adverts, PR .. the list can go on and on. Basically, anything that has your company branding on more

    • Honouring Doris

      The number one question I am asked is Why Doris? Those of you who know me .. or who have read the relevant page on this website will know that it was a nickname, and was my Nana’s name.. who loved to more

    • What's in a name?

      This week we have seen the arrival of a new royal baby that is still being known as Baby Sussex or #BabySussex* on Twitter (congratulations to Harry & Meghan).  His name is being speculated upon in more

    • Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

      Never in a million years did I think I’d find myself involving Jeremy Clarkson in a marketing related article, but here I am. Last night (Wednesday 6th March 2019), opera singer Paul Curievici won his more

    • Pancakes & Popcorn

      Two things on my list of favourites is Food and Good Marketing #goodmarketing. So, when they are combined, I’m a very happy bunny! Here’s why. This week was Shrove Tuesday and next Thursday is Popcorn more

    • Under Pressure

      As much as I would love to have the opportunity to write a piece about an 80’s classic* this actually is about the pressure businesses put on themselves to have relevant and interesting content for their more

    • Happy Valentines Day

      Yes, it’s that time of year again, love it or hate it, it’s a key date in the calendar and these are a Marketers dream (mine included!) Some of my favourite campaigns I’ve seen so far this year are The more

    • Ask Doris - Boosting a social media presence

      "I’m a new company, how do my boost online social media presence?" HR Dear HR Social media channels are ideal for most new companies, they can help to: ‘Test the water’ for interest and feedback for more

    • Ask Doris - Second Year of Trading Marketing

      “We're in our 2nd year now and business has been growing really fast, I'd like to drive more customers but not sure where to start first with the marketing, there seems like so much to do and so many more

    • Ask Doris - Marketing a Small Business

      “I run a small business and have, up until now, relied on word of mouth referrals. I’m thinking of other ways to market my business to reach a wider audience but have a limited budget. Are there any steps more

    • Tell Your Story

      Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.. Once upon a time there was a business that created / carried out* amazing products / services*. They excelled in their work but there were times when nobody more

    • Tales of Winnie the Pooh

      I have history with Winnie the Pooh. I don’t remember reading the books as a child, but I must have as I’ve always known about him and his friends from One Hundred Acre Wood. Fast forward a couple of more

    • Ask Doris – Build an Audience on Social Media

      “I read an article that said I need to ‘build an audience’ on social media but it didn’t really explain how to do this. What steps do I need to take?” MF Dear MF There are many ways you can build up an more

    • Jumping on the Bandwagon?!

      It’s the first week of January and I’ve been easing myself back in to the world of work for the last few days after a hectic and enjoyable Christmas and New Year break (HNY BTW!) It may just be the type more

    • 12 Years of Doris

      Yes, it’s that time of year again, when we mark the anniversary of Marketing Doris starting in business – 8th January. I can hardly believe we have reached the heady heights of 12 already. As many of more

    • Compliment or Complaint

      I like complimenting what I consider to be #goodmarketing on social media and will include in the tweet or post relevant username handles or promotional hashtags and a link to the advert or campaign. At more

    • Ask Doris - New Customers

      “I am a small start-up company who knows my product/service really well, but not how to reach new customers. How can you help me?” TJ Dear TJ Thank you for your question. However, with limited information more

    • Kevin the Carrot

      It’s only the start of November and already the annual race to the best Christmas advert has started. Aldi have been one of the first to release their offering and have continued with the theme of featuring more

    • Ask Doris - Fake News

      “Given the latest trend of fake news and ignoring of “facts” do you feel that I need to change the marketing message I am sending out to focus on other aspects of the product than anything scientific more

    • Ask Doris

      Introducing Ask Doris, the Marketing Agony Aunt. Got a burning question about marketing but not sure where to go to find the answer? Then look no further as Doris is on hand. Email more

    • Ghosting

      In the week of Halloween when we are surrounded by pumpkins, witches and ghouls, it seemed the right time to talk about Ghosting. You may have heard the term used from dating perspective. It’s where more

    • Yoghurt Pots and Shoes

      A few months ago, I was supermarket shopping and without thinking too much about it I threw a four-pack of Danone Light & Free Greek style yoghurts into the trolley. It was only later when I took more

    • Keep it Relevant

      My love (and loathing) of promotional gifts for marketing purposes has been a rollercoaster of emotions throughout my career. When they are good (and relevant), I’m a big fan. When they are of poor quality more

    • Industry Focus - Legal Marketing

      A key benefit of working with Marketing Doris is that we are not industry specific, after all the principles of marketing can be applied to any industry and a fresh pair of eyes can be an advantage. So, more

    • Sales Promotions - Build them right!

        The Manchester Evening News covered the news earlier this week that Build-a-Bear were offering members of their club to come into store on Thursday 12th July with their child and purchase a bear at a more

    • The Creation of a Marketing Manager Position

      A great success story for Marketing Doris is to work with a business, help build up their marketing function to then create a need and full-time marketer. This isn’t something that happens overnight! By more

    • Marketing Pundit

      Watching the football over the last couple of weeks made me realise that as much as I wanted England to do well in the tournament – I have absolutely no idea what’s going on! Apparently, I have been using more

    • Doris at Warrington Business Awards 2018

      I was pleased to be invited along to the third Warrington Business Awards (WBA) held in Lymm last month (8th June 2018). I joined colleagues from Warrington Youth Club (part of the Onside Youth Zone group), more

    • Why use a Marketing Consultant?

      Why indeed! There have been many reasons why I’ve been engaged as a Marketing Consultant over the last 11 (and a bit) years, here are just some of them: A fresh pair of eyes – not being specific to any more

    • Relaxed Checkout Lane

      I do like #goodmarketing initiatives and one I heard about recently was the trial being run by Sainsbury’s for customers with for a ‘relaxed checkout lane’. The scheme is being run in conjunction with more

    • There was a great view

      “If you’ve got nothing good to say, then say nothing at all” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard and probably said ourselves at times. I’d like to think that I live by this philosophy, but I’m also honest enough more

    • A Mini Adjustment

      By chance over the weekend I mentioned to a friend that when the sun was low whilst I was driving in my car, then sun visor didn’t really help me, and I had to either sit up very straight or wear my sunglasses. He more

    • Let’s Talk about Briefs

      No, I don’t mean those type of briefs, I’m not talking about pants or knickers or whatever you call your underwear. I’m talking about the instructions or guidance that you give to a supplier for a piece more

    • Content, Content, Content

      I’m not exaggerating when I say that I know I am a stuck record when it comes to content marketing. I talk about fresh new content for websites and social media continuously with customers, prospective more

    • National Goof Off Day

      Today is a special day because it’s National Goof Off Day. Don’t be surprised if you come across people today who are obviously taking part by pretending to work or who are doodling in a meeting – you more

    • Put yourself in their .. ski's!

      Last week I had to decide which Ski School to sign up with and to help with my decision, I Spoke to the individual offices to get a feel for their offering Looked at their brochures to understand their more

    • If I were to market strawberries..

      The second most popular question I am asked is ‘what type of marketing do you do?’, I know they are expecting me to answer with a simple: Advertising Website design Social media Graphic design Copywriting Event more

    • Why I love the Olympic Winter Games

      Here I am once again enthusing about an Olympics Games, this time we are well into the 2018 Winter event from PyeongChang in South Korea, and I’m like a kid in a sweet shop. I’ve been trying to work out more

    • Keeping on the right track

      Staying focussed can be so difficult for many of us these days. We are used to multi-tasking most of the time. I often find myself with multiple windows open on my laptop with half started (not quite more

    • Unicorns and Flamingos

      There is always a latest fad or gimmick. For some time there has been an abundance of Unicorns or a Blessing as a group of the mythical creatures are known and a Flamboyance of Flamingos* Before I go more

    • National Awareness Days

      You may have spotted whilst on social media that there has been an increase in the number of #nationalawarenessdays, these range from commemorating the serious to celebrating those that just seem plain more

    • Keep Fuelling the Fire

      Over the weekend when the weather turned cold, attention turned to the log burner and a fire was lit. Soon it was blazing away and thinking it would be OK for a short time, the logs were left to burn, more

    • Doris is 11

        So, on Monday 8th January Marketing Doris celebrated 11 years in business. I say celebrate, I didn’t remember until Tuesday - but it’s still a big deal and I’m delighted that a decade (and a year) on more

    • Crimbo Limbo

      I’m sure that most of us can relate to that feeling of Crimbo Limbo which descends upon us from the 27th December through to New Year’s Eve. In the run up to the festivities, I focus on that time as chance more

    • Breaking the mould

      We were introduced to Cards Against Humanity a few years ago by some good friends who had been given a copy of the Game for Horrible People as a gift. Since then we have enjoyed / laughed / cringed our more

    • Check the brief and listen to feedback

      During my work with customers, I am often asked to manage and co-ordinate with external agencies for additional specialist services on their behalf. There are many benefits for handling these relationships: The more

    • Heart Sinking or Heart Soaring?

      How many times have you received a call from someone selling advertising space? If like me your heart sinks when you realise what the call is about, then this article is for you. The first reaction may more

    • Why Marketing is like Yoga

      It’s not uncommon for people who have never tried Yoga to think that’s it’s easy, and are often surprised at how difficult some of the poses can be, how little flexibility they have, and how sore they more

    • Take One Thing Away*

      Is it just me or does anyone else get a buzz from finding out a new tip, shortcut or technique .. or just a useful(ess) piece of information that makes you exclaim ‘I must remember that’ or ‘oh I didn’t more

    • Why Marketing can be like choosing a nail colour

      On Friday at the nail salon I was asked the usual question of what colour would you like? I was then presented with a number of the nail wheels showcasing the wide array of colours, finishes, sparkles more

    • I ♥ New York

      I made that declaration in a meeting recently, I can’t remember why I publicly made that announcement to people I didn’t know well, but believe me when I said it was in context. Many people nodded in more

    • Blame it on the..

      Boogie Electric blanket Goatskin Something else When it comes to why a marketing campaign or activity hasn’t worked as well as the business expected, I have over the years heard many different reasons. more

    • You’re just like .. Nanny McPhee

      That’s what I was told last week My first initial reaction was to laugh, but then I was filled with horror and I put my hands up to my face. Whilst others around us literally gasped and cried ‘you can’t more

    • Why Marketing is like.. Golf

      “Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an ever smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose” Winston S. Churchill This is a first - I’ve not knowingly quoted more

    • Can Marketing be Bland?

      In a recent networking meeting, someone commented that the member presentations were a bit bland .. and it got me thinking, can marketing ever be considered that way? Obviously my first reaction was NO! more

    • Marketing is like.. mixing a Cocktail

      Occasionally after a long day the idea of an alcoholic drink sounds very welcome.. .. and it got me thinking that Marketing is like mixing a Cocktail. You need to know what type of drink is wanted; an more

    • Marketing is like... Star Wars

      Getting marketing inspiration from Carrie & Co on Star Wars Day! I must confess that I have only seen the first two original films, and that was probably because I was dragged to the cinema by my more

    • Mobberley Ball 2017

      Thank you to all the sponsors and supporters of the Mobberley Ball 2017.  We are looking forward to seeing you on Friday 12th May at The Mere Golf & Country Club, in the meantime you can view our programme more

    • Marketing is like .. a West End Musical

      I spent Saturday in the company of a flatulent warthog. A friend has been performing in a stage show for several years now. We met for lunch before the production and listening to him talk about his work more

    • Why Marketing is like a Storm

      It’s ironic really that the weather has been dominated the headlines and social media this week with talk of #StormDoris.. because it got me thinking that a storm is a bit like marketing: There’s the more

    • Gold!

      We all know that marketing is about communication and the effective handling of messages to the right audience ...and I am sure we are not the only ones that have been looking on at horror at the messages more

    • p...p...pick up a Penguin

      Almost every day social media informs us that there is a National Awareness Day or Week going on somewhere in the world. Some are obviously very worthwhile in their support of a charity or to commemorate more

    • Why Marketing is like a guilty pleasure

      A guilty pleasure for me is watching The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC 2 – yes I know how to live!! If you haven’t seen it – amateur interior designers are given tasks to re-design a room or more

    • Social Media Apprenticeship Opportunity

      The Juice Academy is the UK's first industry-led social media apprenticeship programme and their Winter Boot Camp starts on 25th January 2017. They are looking for an apprentice interested in social media more

    • Talking Gobbledegook

      Many businesses will automatically use industry terminology, sales talk and jargon in their marketing materials. To the lay person it’s just confusing, for example can you understand what these mean? We more

    • 10 Today!!!

      It's an exciting day - Marketing Doris turns 10 years old today (8th January) and we are celebrating with lots of cake and a look back over a decade and a quick Google search to see what other memorable more

    • Festive Greetings!

      Thank you for the continued support of Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Associates in 2016, we wish you all the very best for the season and for 2017!   more

    • What's Your Doris Story?

      Celebrating 10 years of Doris! In January 2017, Marketing Doris will be 10 years old and to mark this milestone, we want to celebrate Doris's everywhere.  How?  I hear you cry? Well you can help in one more

    • Why Marketing is like a Smoke Alarm

      It was a process of elimination Once we had established there was no fire, the next assumption when the smoke alarm randomly started beeping was low batteries. When that had been eliminated as the cause, more

    • It’s all so Random – 4 Twitter Topics

      I talk often about Businesses having a strategy for their individual social media channels and that it should form part of your overall Marketing Strategy rather than just opening up accounts for the more

    • The Right Place at the Right Time

      I will often say that we shouldn’t get distracted from the Business objectives or the marketing strategy. However sometimes a great opportunity will present itself, so what should you do then? Don’t just more

    • Pull up a Chair

      I spent an interesting afternoon with a firm of accountants recently. I had been asked to facilitate a brainstorming session with their senior management team to look at their marketing and business development more

    • You be the Judge

      I don’t believe I have much in common with Simon Cowell. We mix in different circles. We rarely (if ever) bump into each other in the supermarket, and despite my love of monochrome clothing, we don’t more

    • Staying on Track

      It was a gorgeous day on Tuesday, the sun was shining and I’d got a day working from home. I had a plan; I had two meetings booked and in between time I was going to respond to a request for a new work more

    • No Experience Required

      About this time last year, I was introduced to the manager of a new restaurant who was looking for marketing support. The initial meeting went well and he liked the approach I would take in marketing. The more

    • Inspired by the .. Olympics 2016

      It may not come as a surprise, but I’m not an Olympic athlete I enjoy watching the Olympics.  In fact I'd go as far to say that I love the gymnastics, athletics, tennis, diving, swimming and other stuff.. more

    • Marketing is like Camping

      I was camping at the weekend for the first time in over 30 years Despite months of planning and getting advice from friends and family, and a practice run putting the tent up.  It soon became clear that more

    • Why a Zipwire is like Marketing

      Recently I was at Zipworld in North Wales, the fastest zip wire in the world, apparently I have no idea if I achieved the 116 mph claims, partly because there wasn’t that type of tracker available and more

    • Business as usual

      Well this is a first for me, I never thought I’d be writing about political events, but here we are a couple of weeks after the biggest change in UK politics that I ever seen. I vaguely remember my parents more

    • 8 out of 10 cats

      No not the Channel 4 quiz show.  Though for the record I do enjoy watching Jimmy Carr & Co discuss / rip apart topical news, random statistics and survey results.  Well I did like it until they messed more

    • Marketing is like sensitive toothpaste

      There is a long running television advert for a popular brand of toothpaste aimed at those people who suffer from sensitive teeth. During the advert dental experts provide soundbites on how patients more

    • You say it best when you say nothing at all

      Sang Mr Keating in Notting Hill, and as much as I hate to disagree with Ronan, in marketing terms, you should be speaking more rather than less. There are so many opportunities for you to put your two more

    • Fashion Inspired

      For those who have met me, you’ll know that my dress style is more eclectic and high street, rather than high fashion and certainly not couture. I do have a fascination though with design and I love to more

    • Why planning a trip is like a marketing campaign

      At some time we have all had the pleasure (or pain) of planning a trip or holiday. Personally I love the excitement of choosing where to go and researching the destination for places to see and visit. The more

    • Why Marketing is like Swimming

      Whilst I was swimming lengths in my local pool last night, it occurred to me that there were parallels with marketing. When no one else is in the pool, the water is smooth and I seem to swim quicker but more

    • Marketing is like... Paloma Faith

      If you were to look through my Ipod or on my CD shelf (yes I still have CDs), you’ll come across Paloma Faith.  There are plenty of other artists there too, but for the purpose of this piece I’m just more

    • Plan to be a Fool

      I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that last Friday was April Fools Day. Gone are the days where you could fool someone with cling film on the loo seat or boot polish around the end a telescope. Businesses more

    • Being inspired .. at the ski resort

      Where do you get your ideas from? I've talked before about getting inspired in marketing anywhere and everywhere. It doesn't have to relevant to your industry or market but you can still be motivated more

    • How to eat an Elephant

      As the old proverb says, you take one bite at a time. It’s just the same in business and when I’m working clients on their marketing strategy we discuss their objectives and what they want to achieve, more

    • Why Marketing is like Skiing

      I’m preparing to go skiing soon, and it occurred to me as I was practising at the indoor ski slope that marketing was a lot like skiing. It gets the heart pumping – there is nothing like that rush as more

    • Why Marketing is like a Polar Bear

      Many moons ago I worked with a guy who described his ‘role’ on a lad’s night out as the Polar Bear – the one they sent in first to break the ice with a group of ladies! Marketing plays a similar role more

    • Saying it as it is

      I like marketing that is simple and straight talking.  If a message is over complicated or it's difficult to work out what s being promoted, then it just isn't working.  According to the Attention Span more

    • Read the Question!

      Was the one bit of advice my Dad repeatedly gave me before an exam.  I distinctly remember rolling my eyes and thinking I’m not that daft!  In reality I was, as I also remember scanning the question and more

    • The Hashtag

      I was amazed to learn today that in 2015 ‘Hashtag’ was named as the Children’s word of the year*. When I was a child (and for many years as an adult!), the # was simply a strange symbol on my keyboard more

    • 9 years as Doris

      The 8th January is the ‘official anniversary’ of Marketing Doris being registered at Companies House.  I had been working as ‘Doris’ for a few weeks prior to that and to be honest I had to look this date more

    • Hard-hitting Marketing

      No one seems to deliver powerful marketing like charities.   One of the most hard hitting adverts I have seen recently is the quite simple but brilliant 30 second Cancer Research UK advert that features more

    • .. and the Best Advert of 2015

      At this time of year we are used to seeing round ups of the last 12 months and the best (and worst) moments remembered. I'm absolutely sure there will already be a review of adverts of 2015 .. I haven't more

    • Hangover Marketing

      Emerging from the festivities fog that Christmas Day and Boxing Day bring.. one of the first images I saw on the 27th December was the clever infographic from Manchester's Vietnamese restaurant Pho promoting more

    • Merry Christmas from Marketing Doris

      Thank you to clients, suppliers, colleagues, friends and family for their continued support throughout 2015, and we look forward to more of the same in 2016. In the meantime we wish you a very Merry Christmas more

    • December Marketing, January Review

      December is an interesting month in the world of marketing, particularly with consumer focussed marketing as everyone gets ready for Christmas and the Sales. Those few minutes between programmes on the more

    • The Case of Inventive Monks and Early Marketing

      Despite a disastrous current affairs round at the Warrington Youth Club quiz last night (but that's another story!), I do listen to the news and was interested to hear this week that archaeologists have more

    • Books, Retail and The Apprentice

      I was inspired by The Apprentice last night which brought together two of my favourite things; books and retail. The contestants were asked to create, write and produce a children’s book with audio accompaniment more

    • Challenge Doris

      Being on the BNI Focus team last night at the London Bridge to raise money for Warrington Youth Club, gave me plenty of time to think about how much marketing influences everyday life and quiz nights.. more

    • Keep it Simple

      As far as I am concerned marketing isn’t rocket science and there is no magic circle club where secrets are revealed.. my top three tips are: Keep your message simple Target the people you want to buy more

    • Hot in Marketing

      I was asked this week what was a hot topic in marketing.  Interestingly I had to submit to the Chartered Institute of Marketing last week evidence that I keep up to date with the latest trends and guidelines more

    • Nothing to say?

      Fresh content on your website will be of interest to your new and returning visitors, it also helps with search engine optimisation and links can be used on your social media accounts to drive traffic more

    • Smooth(ie) Marketing

      Devising the right marketing activity plan for a client can be like developing a fruit smoothie recipe. What’s the objective - a refreshing wake up drink, a liquid breakfast, a hangover cure, a healthy more

    • Game, Set and Match

      I’ve been watching Wimbledon this week.. and was interested to find an article on Why marketing is like tennis. Rankings – everyone wants to be No 1 on the court and on the first page of Google It’s a more

    • Zombie Marketing

      Given my (hopefully temporary) red eye condition, it seemed appropriate to discuss the term – Zombie Marketing Tactics. This refers to what are considered dead marketing practices for example - print, more

    • Beards and Inspiration

      This week I’ve been to a conference, there were many speakers - all educational and interesting in their own way.  What they had in common was that they had all been inspired in some way: A workshop used more

    • What makes marketing good?

      I love nothing better than seeing a good piece of marketing and if you follow me on Twitter @marketingdoris, I will occasionally point out something that I consider is #goodmarketing. Sometimes it's an more

    • Doris is 8!

      Marketing Doris is celebrating turning 8 years old this week!  Doesn't time fly when you are having fun? And it has been fun, yes honestly it has!  Working with clients from different industries and on more

    • Christmas Wishes 2014

      Merry Christmas from Marketing Doris! and all the very best for 2015! more

    • Not using Social Media?

      There was a surge, not that long ago when businesses felt they needed to have a Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest (delete as appropriate) presence and rushed to open an account and then Posted / Tweeted / more

    • Dripping Tap

      I had just posted a Tweet asking ‘When did you last update your website’ when it occurred to me that actually the Marketing Doris website had become a little dusty of late. My only excuse, is the same more

    • Those Pesky Marketers!

      In the run up to Christmas, I was asked to give my view (from a marketing perspective) about Pester Power on BBC Radio Stoke.  I had overnight to think about how I was going to approach this discussion, more

    • How Social Media Can be Used Effectively in Business

      Marketing Doris will be discussing How Social Media can be used Effectively in Business at the Spectra Business Seminar Monday 11th November 2013 in Altrincham 7-9.00am. Free to attend. more

    • Rebuilding Consumer Confidence

      Overnight the news broke about horsemeat being found in Findus Beef Lasagne and the headlines and social media sites are talking of little else. I received a call from BBC Radio Stoke asking if I could more

    • 7 is the Magic Number

      This week marks the 7th birthday of Marketing Doris.. and we thought we'd we take the opportunity to find out more about this special number: A ladybird usually has seven spots There are 7 basic musical more

    • Doris trains with the Vikings

      I was recently invited along with a client; DATS Recrutiment to talk to the Widnes Vikings U19 squad on the impact social media can have on their current and long-term career prospects. During the session more

    • Christmas Wishes

      This Christmas we are supporting Warrington Youth Club and will be sending a Christmas donation in place of printed cards and postage. For 60 years the Warrington Youth Club has been inspiring young people more

    • It's Mo Business

      Yes it's that time of year again when razors are abandoned in favour of top lip whiskers to raise money and awareness for Mens Heath. Movember may be a relatively new campaign compared to other cancer more

    • Doris on the Radio

      I was recently contacted by BBC Radio Stoke to ask my opinion from a marketing perspective on a TV documentary that was about to be aired. The programme "The Year the Town Hall Shrank" was aired on BBC4 more

    • A Royal Visit

      I was very honoured to have been invited to the Warrington Youth Club (WYC) on Wednesday 18th July when His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester visited to commemorate WYC's Diamond Anniversary. The most more

    • Good Causes

      They say 'Charity begins at home'.. but we like to think Charity begins close to home and as such we have been delighted to support some recent events raising money for local charities and community groups. In more

    • Cookies - no not the sweet kind!

      You may be surprised to learn that I'm not talking about the Chocolate Chip variety on this occasion but rather the new Cookie Directive that came into force on 26th May 2012. I've read many articles on more

    • Survive and Thrive Seminar - 25th July 2012

      Styles and Co Chartered Accountants based in Culcheth have invited Marketing Doris to speak at their next Survive and Thrive Seminar in July at the Village Hotel in Warrington on Social Media, and how more

    • Shortlisted

      .. yes ha ha, for those who have met me I could well have been describing myself with that title.. but no.. this isn't anything to do with my height.  I've been nominated for an award and have been shortlisted!!  It's more

    • Happy Birthday Doris

      Marketing Doris reached a milestone in January 2012 of 5 years of trading. Thank you to all clients, suppliers, colleagues, friends and family for their continued support. In anniversary terms 5 years more

    • Personal Injury - it's no joke

      I was asked to collaborate with another Marketing consultant on a project for a client entering into a very competitive market place - Personal Injury.  We knew two things we had limited budget and we more

    • Plum Pudding and Christmas Wishes

      Instead of putting coins into the Plum Pudding this year, we've put the money to better use and have bought the colour Marketing Doris Plum in aid of UNICEF. All the money raised goes directly to helping more


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